Spoonful of Sugar

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Alternative to pizza

I knew I'd have some feta left from last night's Jme Peri Peri chicken meal, so planned in Feta, Spinach and pine nut pastries for the grown ups tonight.
Soften onion in butter (The more observant of you may spot a bit of stray mushroom in there too)
Toast some pinenuts - the recipe doesn't say toast, but frankly all nuts are better toasted I reckon

Mix Feta, Spinach, Balsamic vinegar, the pine nuts and the onion

Dollop into the middle of a scored, glazed puff pastry sheet (Don't use reduced to clear, past their best, shoved in the freezer ones...)
Bake and enjoy

Strawberry and Nectarine Pie

We had some slightly shrivelled nectarines that needed using fast, so after a bit of googling I thought I'd try strawberry and nectarine pie.
I remembered seeing a generic fruit tart recipe in Rachel Allen's Home Cooking and as I'm not that great with pies I thought I'd take her advice. Results were good but it was a bit weirdy at the time!

Cream together butter and sugar

Add an egg

Beat another egg separately and then mix half in. At this point I stopped using the recommended dough hook.. I mean.. Dough hook?

Sift and stir in flour, knead briefly and spilt into two discs. Fridge for an hour.

Mix strawberries and nectarines with cornflour and caster sugar

Ignore cleaning up and go and investigate large pile of boxes that lovely postie just delivered

Pop to chippy to get lunch as it just feels like that sort of day

Roll out pastry (HA HA HA HA HA HA... good luck) and line pie plate

Dollop on fruit mix

Cover pie with pastry, seal and glaze with the other half of that egg from earlier. Stick in oven.

Play with new toy for a while

Admire pie
Eat Pie

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Poor neglected blog

Hello poor bloggety blog.. you've been neglected for a while! Life went and threw us a doozy. There's been some comfort cooking, there's been some grief induced not eating, there's been a lot of can't be arsed-ness.

I thought I'd rummage out some photos of what has been worth photoing and then make a new start.

Spicy Tortilla Lasagne

A snickerdoodle in the making

Royal wedding cupcakes

Royal banquet

Wedding watching bacon and sausage sarnie station
Lemon cake

Lamb Biryani