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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Oh blimey

Oh deary me. Nearly two whole months have passed again.
Here's the thing. I get (racks brains for who that I know has been allowed a link to this little bit of me..) pretty depressed from time to time.
I chose that word carefully because it's not about being fed up or sad or grumpy or cross. It's about being disfunctional and dragged down and stuck in a cloud of loathing and desperation and desolateness. There's a made up word for you..
Anyway. The relevance of that to this is that I know now that when I get like this, when everything is conspiring against the wobbly balance board that is my emotional wellbeing, I lose interest in food.
Who'd have thought!?
The really tragic part is that I don't lose interest in eating. I just get less picky about what I consume, so no magic diet  and skinny sized clothes either. Dammit.
Anyway. That's my excuse. It's been a bad couple of months for foodiness. I'm working on it. Given that foodiness is most of what I am and do nowadays I need to pull it back from somewhere..

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