Spoonful of Sugar

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What's been cooking...?

There's not been too much cooking here of late, but I thought I'd pop up a quick blog with some pics. There's an ongoing food fight (not the fun sort) going on with the young one so I'm not dwelling on what they're eating and am enjoying what we're eating.
We've had a couple of days of Jamie's 30 minute meals..
Last night we had the pork chops with crispy crackling, crushed potatoes and minted cabbage..

Tonight, Chicken skewers..
Will come back to the whole "30 minute" thing later...!


  1. minted cabbage.. kind of made me go EEEw... Oooh...was it good, cos it looks good x

  2. Surprisingly the minted cabbage was ok!