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Friday, 25 February 2011

Sloppy Joes

I've always wanted to try a proper sloppy joe but whenever we've been in the States the opportunity has never arisen (hark at me.. I've been twice. Probably why the opportunity has never arisen!)
Whilst scootching through Nigella's Kitchen I spotted her bbq beef recipe which she served as a sloppy joe, and thinking it vaguely resembled bolognase with white bread, I thought the kids might eat it. I was half right.
It went into the intellichef which was a bonus, I should be able to comment at this point that it would help keep the hob clean, but despite my mum cleaning it within an inch of it's life last weekend, it's filthy again, so it didn't. Ho Hum.

Whizz up streaky bacon, onion, garlic and carrot (there's meant to be celery in there too but it's the work of the devil...)

Fry the smush until soft

Mix together a tin of chopped tomatoes, water, worcester sauce, bourbon, dark sugar and tomato puree

Stir sugar and allspice into the veggie/bacon smush

Mix through the minced beef, stirring to break it up, then add the tomato mix and simmer for 25 mins

Serve with soft white baps and grated cheese


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