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Friday, 4 March 2011

Well hello!

Oops - that was inadvertantly a little while between posts..!
There's not been a whole heap of inspiring stuff been going on this week although I did indulge in a little baking today, and more importantly started a couple of "two day" bakes to ensure a bit of baking time tomorrow.. smart huh!
Let's catch up..
It was St David's Day this week and I'm half Welsh. Other than allocating a slightly limp leek in the fridge to dinner that night though I hadn't given it much thought until a friend commented on Facebook that they were going to make Welsh Cakes. Cher-Ching. Welsh Cakes are A-Mazing. They are quick, cheap, simple, and they're best eaten hot from the pan covered in sugar. What is not to love.
I set about making them with the small people in order to earn some mummy points when they got home from school..

And yes some of them look a bit blackened - makes them MUCH better in my humble opinion. Never buy a shop bought Welsh Cake, it's just not the real thing

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