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Friday, 4 March 2011

Korean Keema

For Christmas I was given Nigella's new book Kitchen.
I'm glad I was.
I didn't watch the series, I think I saw 2 and she got on my nerves hugely as she has become a total parody of herself and even the recipes didn't seem that inspiring.
The book however is lovely. I curled up on the sofa after Christmas and read it, as it is a nice read, not just a load of recipes. I keep dipping in and everything so far that I've done - brownie bowls, pasta genovese, chicken teryaki, sloppy joes and now Korean Keema, has been really good.

First, mix Gochujang (A chilli bean paste. I managed to get some in Chinatown, along with another little treasure I'll blog about later..), rice wine, honey and soy sauce together. Stir in some turkey mince.

Defrost some peas, chop spring onion, measure more rice wine and chop coriander

Stir fry peas and spring onion

Then add in the mince

Stir fry till cooked then add the remaining rice wine and water.
Serve with rice

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