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Friday, 4 March 2011

Bara Brith and Brioche Part 1....

... 2-day long baking. You've got to love it.
Whilst it does require a modicum of forward planning, it also means you are morally obliged to bake on day 2 as you've already started. Result.
So today I soaked fruit in tea with which to make Bara Brith (Man I'm down with the Welsh thing this week..). Be wary of this recipe - it's neither entirely traditional, or accurate. It makes 2 loaf cakes, not the 1 they imply. Despite that I like it, although as you can see from the bowl below I ignore the "luxury fruit mix" and whack in whatever is in the cupboard..
Then I decided to attempt some No Knead Brioche Buns for breakfast tomorrow.

(OH POOOOOOO! Just re-read recipe and realised I forgot to slosh milk in. BRB. Thank goodness for blogging!!)

Ok. Lets try that again.
Mix butter, sugar and eggs 

 It won't look pretty... (they said that too!)
 Stir in flour, yeast and salt
 DON'T MIX INTO A DOUGH!!! Like this...
 Instead add milk and mix to a sticky dough.. (must stop multitasking and concentrate)
So. This is what I'm left with after accidentally making a ball of dough and then trying to mix milk in a couple of hours later.. cue lots of scrunching between fingers and mixing with a Rachel Allen recommended (when making soda bread) claw type hand gesture. Not sure she suggested chanting "The CLAAAAW, The CLAAAAAW" Toy Story Alien stylee whilst doing it, but hey, I've had a glass of vino and I was trying to recover a baking disaster in the making.
We'll see how that turns out tomorrow... I really hope that it works as No. 1's really looking forward to chocolate brioche for brekkie!

*Adopts Bristolian Youth of Today voice.*
I is like a totally rubbish cook, innit?!

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