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Friday, 4 March 2011

The advantage of living somewhere as against the middle of nowhere...

One of the highlights of a weekend away with my other half a couple of weeks ago was wandering through Chinatown on a Sunday morning and finding a grocery store that was open. Luckily he's similarly inclined when it comes to these things, so was happy to spend a reasonable proportion of our "LOOK! No Kids!" time mooching about in there.
I needed to get my hands on some Gochujang  for the Korean Keema.
I don't speak any kind of oriental language, so I assumed that what I got was about right, tho the funny chap on the front worries me a little.

Whilst in there we stocked up on things like five spice and chilli dipping sauce and cursed the fact that we were going on the train so couldn't carry loads and didn't have a freezer bag to take home hundreds of pancakes for duck. We did however spot these little lovelies...

HOW COOL!? (I'm so easily pleased...)
Have cooked some up tonight to go with a mostly freezer dinner (Chinese ready meal snacks we didn't eat at New Year, whoopsied chinese ribs) and some homemade chicken satay..

Happy Friday everyone x

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