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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Let me entertain you..

No, not with my writing. My subject is Entertaining.
I've got visitors for the next few days. Ones with dietary requirements but that's by the by.

We have a bit of a problem in this house when it comes to cooking for visitors. In a previous post I talked about my hate of people lurking about in my kitchen as it stands now. I can't cook round people and there's nowhere for them to lurk that isn't in the way.
I view having guests round as an opportunity to cook something special, to push the boat out. I relish the excuse to buy ingredients I can't normally justify and experiment with something new.

Here's the thing though - That all takes time, and then both my other half and the visitors, pretty much without exception, tell me to stop spending so much time in the kitchen. I get berated for feeding them well.
I also get a bit scared that it might go wrong and be awful, so sometimes I wimp out to stick to something I know. That then seems like a bit of a waste.

And the cost. Because boy does it cost! My online shop that is coming tomorrow is heart stopping. It'll be freezer leftovers for the rest of the month, that's for sure. It's only the 9th. Don't expect great things of the blog for the rest of March!

That all said, this time I've planned and think I know what I'm making, so

Thursday - Jamie's 30 min - Seabass & crispy pancetta
Friday - Visitors are eating out, so HM Pizza for us at home
Saturday Lunch - Ricotta, tomato and spinach frittata with salad
Saturday Dinner - Jamie 30 min - Green curry with crispy chicken followed by Baked Lemon Cheesecake
Sunday Lunch - Slow cooked shoulder of lamb & Potato gratin followed by Flourless chocolate and pear cake and homemade vanilla ice cream

I'm hoping to make nibbles of Raspberry and White Chocolate Macaroons and Florentines

Obviously this all depends on how much time I'm allowed to spend in the kitchen.
I'll let you know what happens...!

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