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Friday, 14 January 2011

A brief interlude

I'll start this with a pic which is entirely unrelated to the rest of the post..
Aren't they cute? It's a bus made out of a big box that was lurking about waiting to get thrown out. Found that earlier when looking for the sweet n sour pics.
I digress

I thought that I ought, for those who know me, try and explain why I'm Kate on here, rather than Kath, or Kathryn as most other people know me.

However now I come to write it, I'm not entirely sure I can explain. I'm a bit schizophrenic about my name. Certain people get away with calling me different names (insert joke here..) and if the wrong name comes from the wrong voice it sounds odd. I introduce myself as Kate or Kath in different circumstances. Don't know why. It's instinctive.

Only one person gets away with Katie. Actually, two. I think my mum could still use that without me cringing.
Nobody, but nobody calls me Kathy!

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