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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Yo Yo Dieting

Ok, so bear with me because I might be a bit squiffy, but I blame the weight watchers.. it makes me a bit lightweight when I insist on drinking such a large quantity of points...
Anyway. I wrote a comment on a facebook status about how yoyo dieting was the way forward and actually I believe that to be the case, because I mean it in a long term sense. I might do my normal thing for a while and then have a severe couple of weeks to cut back but more importantly reign myself (rein myself?) in a bit. The problem is though that I adore food, in all its forms, so a "healthy lifestyle" is not for me. All things in moderation, that's my motto. Some weeks that may work out. Sometimes it might take a couple of months to average "moderate"
Life is too short to not experience all the wonderful food that we are blessed with..

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