Spoonful of Sugar

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Deliberations of a modern mom...

I don't know why I went American in that title. Interesting. Thought I'd leave it there. Maybe it's the alliteration it all,
Just found a couple of limes lurking in the egg rack in the fridge door and can't decide what to do with them. Key Lime Pie? Bit extravagent for other half and me in belt tightening (weight wise!) times. Some kind of cake? Or sod it and just use them both up in Cosmopolitans?
Decisions decisions..


  1. G&T & lime..

    seems the least stressful answer to me!

  2. I've got a good key lime pie recipe, but if it's 'healthy' you're after, how about guacamole?

  3. Lol that makes me chuckle Carrie as there was a bit in Nigella's latest book about using things up, and this so subscribes to her principles.. she'd have no objection to having to go out to buy avocados to make guacamole to use up leftover wrinkly limes, as long as she didn't have to throw the limes out :D
    Mine are still sitting there getting wrinklier at the mo..

  4. I thought that myself as I wrote the comment. I had guac on the brain as the foodie shop in Totters had avos on 10 for £1 the other day!