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Monday, 31 January 2011

What's cooking?

For reasons I'm not going to go into as they'd put you off your food (lets just say it was one of the downsides to being a parent or pet owner..) I'm in need of five minutes with a glass of wine and some deep breathing so I thought I'd blog some of yesterdays food..
I baked some flapjacks in the afternoon. Fail. I went back to an old Delia recipe when in recent times I've used a fab Jamie Oliver one that he created for Red Nose Day a few years ago. BIG mistake. Will not be using Delia's flapjacks again *mental note to self*  They're edible, but they're crumbly and stuck to the tin. Lots of faff.
Bad flapjacks and associated crumbs scraped from tin!

Pudding in the evening was also technically a disaster - I was vaguely suspcious when Gordon Ramsey told me to whip creme fraiche until it was stiff but I kept the faith and then it didn't work. Ho Hum. Tasted alright and it all goes down the same way huh..  The meringues were still ace though.
Frozen Raspberries (and the odd cheeky blackberry) from last years crop in the garden

Main course was delish though - Nigella's Spring Chicken. Chicken thighs cooked in cider with leek, peas and bacon with lettuce wilted into it at the last minute and lots of tarragon. Yum.

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