Spoonful of Sugar

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Finding a voice

Well, now that I have this blog, I guess I ought to fill it but first I need to find my voice. 

It's an interesting thing publishing your thoughts and actions. I'm pretty active on facebook and have adopted a facebook face that works ok for me. I rarely step too far out of character, and that character is pretty true to the real me. Reined in maybe. Blogging though, especially about food, will be interesting. There needs to be more food, less me. There has to be some me though as the food isn't gourmet, it isn't professional, it's home cooked food for my husband and children, so by its very nature, it has a lot of me invested within it.

It's a place to celebrate triumphs and share failures, so it might not always be about the food, because to me, the food is personal.


  1. May I be the first to welcome you to blogland and to say how excited I am to hear more of that fabulous voice!

  2. may i be the second!
    long may it last ...