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Tuesday, 18 January 2011


I think that might be an apt title for what isn't going to be a very structured post.

I've started back on Weight Watchers. This shouldn't make the foodie bit toooooo boring to read as I do try hard to keep it interesting so I don't give up. It also shouldn't be for too long. Really, the plan is to stop eating the kids' tea, stop eating lots of stodge whilst cooking the kids' tea, stop eating chocolate at work, exercise a bit more, and eat more fruit and veg. All things I should be able to do on my own, but my nature is weak unless it's told what to do. Give me a plan and I'll stick to it. If "computer says no" then no it is.

I don't need to lose much so a couple of weeks and a bit of maintaining and I hope to be there, without so many bad habits.

Food-wise then, not so much baking for a while. Dammit. Although those squashed fly biccies are only 2 points which is a bonus! Lots of soup though. At the moment I have carrot and cumin on the go - 0 point, nice and thick and filling. Dinner last night was veggie risotto with a good dollop of grated parmesan stirred through.

Tonight however I took the easy option. In more ways than one. The kids had a not very healthy snack after school, and not very healthy tea which meant not a lot of fuss for me..

I made it look pretty though which was obviously just to ease my guilt.

Some friends believe I'm some kind of masterchef and I don't think they know how wrong they are. I just like pootling in my kitchen.
Our dinner tonight was a whoopsied chicken breast in a sauce type bung in the oven thingy with a load of veg. Oh, and then I stuck some apples in the intellichef to bake, but got distracted halfway through doing it and forgot to score them so they exploded. Oops. Looked a state but tasted great.
Sums up a lot of my cooking..

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