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Monday, 24 January 2011

Crikey, an audience..

Oh the pressure of having an audience to write for.
Granted, I write my facebook statuses with an audience in mind (wonder if Facebook could get me all of them since I started - I could publish a book...) but this feels more like writing with the intention of it being read. Not just capturing the moment.

We were once going to move to New York. Most people who know me know the story, and as I wouldn't have got a work permit, I had this lovely vision that I'd sit in my apartment looking out of the window writing like Carrie Bradshaw. I don't know where that came from because were you to find an English teacher from my school days you'd learn I lacked imagination..

Anyway. Thought I'd wiffle as I had no photos to show, or nothing deliberate to write about.

And I had Leek and Potato soup made with very funny coloured chicken stock as I threw half a red onion in when I made it. Was good soup tho.
School run beckons and I'm debating being a lovely mummy and making cookies with the kids when we get home. Oh, there's two new posts right there.. One about cookies, one about it being MY kitchen and my dislike of sharing my space..

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