Spoonful of Sugar

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dear Santa..

For Christmas I got gadgets. Lovely foodie gadgets.

The ice cream maker I've had one attempt at playing with so far, but that needs an occasion really to justify all that calorific deliciousness. The intellichef however is my new best friend. To the point that I'm wondering if we need a trial separation so that we don't get too bored of each other too soon. I've used it most days and it hasn't moved from the kitchen working surface yet.. oops.
I think it's a useful addition, despite the number of one-pots we're eating at the moment. I'll calm down, I'm sure. I'm adapting things to it as the recipes that are out there are few and far between, although the French version has some interesting stuff in it. Tonight though, it will be making Veggie Bean Chilli..

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